Tips and Tricks for Washing and Waxing Your Volkswagen

Washing and waxing your Volkswagen car or SUV can help protect your paint finish. Not only does your car look clean afterwards; by washing and waxing regularly, you'll keep stubborn road grime, debris like bug splatter, tar, and corrosive substances of your paint. This can help prevent corrosion, and even rust. Washing removes these harmful substances and leaves your vehicle clean and clear. Waxing provides a protective layer against the elements. Similar to the way sunscreen protects a person from sunburn or fabric guard protects your couch from stains, wax bonds to the paint surface helping water and other harmful substances roll off rather than adhering.

To wash your Volkswagen, rinse the entire vehicle first, and work panel by panel so soap doesn't dry. Never use a soiled or dropped sponge, which can scratch your paint. Never wash in direct sunlight. Once done washing, rinse the entire vehicle, and dry with a shammy or super absorbent plush drying towel.

To wax your vehicle, be in a cool place, such as a garage. An enclosed area with adequate ventilation is best. Apply a thin layer of wax in a circular motion. Don't use too much, or it'll get cakey and be hard to take off. Go panel by panel, letting wax dry to a light haze. Then, use a fresh clean, dry, cloth to remove. You may need more than one. Next, buff the car out with a new supersoft microfiber cloth.

Best of luck taking care of your vehicle. And remember, have fun!

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