What to Bring To Speed Up Your Paperwork at the Dealership


Here at New Motors, our goal is to help you get behind the wheel of a quality new vehicle and make the process as streamlined and simple as possible. To do that, especially if you're considering trading in your vehicle, there are some things that you should bring or get a head start on, and we're here to tell what you should bring!

There are a few things, and it starts with your driver's license. That makes sense because it not only shows that you can legally drive, but acts as identification, too. For trade in vehicle, you'll need a few things. Your current title for your vehicle is the first thing, because that shows you own the vehicle. If there's co-signers or a lien on it, you'll need the right signatures. Our team can help you carefully go over all those details as well.

You should also bring in your current vehicle registration so we can ensure it's up to date, plus your proof of insurance to make sure you're insured to drive, and can set up transitioning your insurance to your new vehicle. Along with that, bringing in your account number for your trade-in loan if you owe anything on the vehicle will be necessary as well.

We have more details on our speed up car paperwork page, and if you have any further questions, we here at New Motors would be happy to provide you with more details.

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