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Quality Vehicles for Budget-Friendly Prices Available in Erie, PA

When you devise a budget for your next vehicle, you may take one look at it and think that you may as well toss any chance of getting a quality vehicle out the window. That's where you'd be wrong. With some dealerships you may be right, but not at New Motors. Our new and pre-owned dealership, near Edinboro, has gained its long-standing reputation as a vehicle supplier that supplies honest, courteous service on the side.

We don't believe a vehicle budget should hold any of our customers in Meadville back from driving home a quality model despite its previous mileage count or year of release. When it comes to the right vehicle, you'll know it when you see it. That's why we enjoy having face-to-face conversations when those we serve in Waterford. So take a trip to 8670 Peach St. to chat with us about all things automotive.

Every driver's budget is different because every driver has a unique financial situation and needs for their next vehicle. With that in mind, we crafted a specific segment of our pre-owned inventory, these models that fall into this segment feature a price tag under $10,000. These vehicles, while low in cost, still have a lot to offer to the next person who sits in the driver's seat.

Similar to the layout of our pre-owned inventory, our bargain vehicles come from an array of popular brands including Ford and GMC. Since you're allowing your budget to guide you in what vehicle you get, we want you to have the freedom needed to choose the model you could see yourself driving. The last thing we want is for you to feel forced into a certain SUV or car because it's the only vehicle that fits your budget.

New Motors is easy to get in touch with via phone or a drop-in visit. We love getting to know those we serve. Fostering customer relationships makes our job to create a budget-supported match between you and one of our bargain vehicles an easy task. Saving you money is just a small part of what we do for our drivers in Fairview, PA.