Certified Pre-Owned Cars & SUVs in Erie, PA

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Find the Perfect Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle In Erie

While new vehicles can be enticing, they sometimes aren't very affordable, especially for someone who may be looking to save some money. That's why we have a large selection of pre-owned vehicles for affordable prices!

While the concept of owning a pre-owned vehicle may be off-putting to some, here at Erie New Motors we ensure that every pre-owned vehicle on our lot is as safe as our new vehicles, and often these vehicles are only from a different year. That means that many of them will have many of the same features and design specifications as their new counterparts - and, best of all, they are much more affordable!

But Will Pre-Owned Vehicles Last as Long?

As innovation has continued throughout the years, and as technology has consistently progressed, vehicles have become more durable. Their life span has increased dramatically.

While it may have once been true that a car with 100,000 miles on it was as good as unusable, many cars are hitting 200,000 miles with plenty of kick left in them. With this in mind, and the fact that we have a large selection of vehicles with varying amounts of miles on them - there should be no concern about your vehicle not lasting once you've purchased it - especially if you take care of it.

Financing & Servicing

Once you're ready to buy your vehicle, our excellent financing team can sit down with you and crunch the numbers to find the payment terms that best fit your budget.

After you've been driving your vehicle for a while, you will eventually need service. That's why our quick and efficient service team is here. They make sure that your vehicle is running smoothly during checkups, and they can help put your car back on the road if something is wrong with it.

Come Find the Vehicle of Your Dreams

Our goal is to be able to provide you with the perfect vehicle for you at an affordable price. After all, everyone has a different lifestyle and personality, and no singular vehicle will fit everyone. That's why we invite you down to Erie New Motors in Erie, PA, where our team of experts can sit down with you and answer any questions, while also showing you our inventory. They can also help set up a test drive if you find a vehicle you enjoy.

Whether you're right in Erie, or in one of the many areas we serve - including Meadville, Edinboro, Waterford, and Fairview - we want to help you find the perfect vehicle.